Change Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

Heading into 2022, let's take time to reflect on what we want to improve about our lives during this holiday season.

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How many times have you made the same resolution year after year – to go to the gym more often, eat healthier, lose weight, or pick up a new skill – till you realised that you only made it through to the end of February. Oh well, better luck next year right? 

If it didn’t happen by the second year, then it’s probably never going to happen. So, here are six resolutions from our team to inspire you to come up with realistic ones that you can commit to in 2022.

1. Return to Nature

Credit: The Finder

Do you remember what it’s like to be surrounded by nature? It benefits our mental, physical and spiritual wellness. However, most of us spend our time away from nature. We live in an urban jungle, stuck behind concrete walls, working under fluorescent lights, and enclosed in stuffy air-conditioned facilities. 

One resolution you could try this year is to visit one of Singapore’s beautiful parks or nature reserves at least once a month. Research has shown that being in contact with nature can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mental wellness and increase life satisfaction, in addition to its host of other health benefits. As a bonus, you also get a session of exercise and quality time for family bonding!

Studies have also shown that 10 to 15 minutes of sunlight everyday allows us to get the sufficient amount of vitamin D we need for optimal bone health, and improved resistance against certain diseases. So, make it a point to soak in some rays everyday whether it be on your way to work or during tea break when the sun is less harsh.

2. Make the usual, unusual

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Spice up the mundanities of everyday life! We often get caught up in a rut, doing things that are familiar to us and mindlessly going through the motions. Why not add something new to your routine every week? Instead of cereal or bread every morning, why not buy something nice the day before like a rice dumpling or a chicken pie and simply heat it up in the morning. And then instead of eating inside, why not sit in a park and your meal on a sunny day with your friends. 

Don’t postpone opportunities to bring a little variety and spark of joy into your day – make every moment count.

3. Go Vegan for One Day of the Week

Credit: Green Queen

Whether you believe that our human ancestors were omnivorous hunters and gatherers, or that we were meant to be herbivores as deduced by our anatomy, there’s no denying the obvious benefits of reducing your meat intake along with eating more plant-based foods. You minimise the risk of eating carcinogenic and processed meats, and the chance of heart disease, while increasing your intake of fibre, nutrients and minerals, and reducing your environmental footprint.  

That’s just three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s really not difficult to accomplish in our little food mecca with the variety of vegetarian and vegan options available from places such as Indian and Chinese restaurants, and salad bars (like SaladStop!). 

4. Face Your Fears More Often

Credit: Gift of Fear

Fears exist because we’re afraid of failure, embarrassment or rejection. But if you don’t try, you might never experience the potential joys of success and acceptance, nor the chance to grow and learn from an experience. Do something you’ve been avoiding or afraid to attempt. It could really be anything; from striking up a conversation with a stranger or having a heart-to-heart talk with your parents, to that stomach-twisting skydiving experience you’ve always yearned to do but never mustered up the courage for. 

It all starts with overcoming that mental block, and telling yourself you can do it. Challenging as it may seem, moving towards your fears step by step make them seem smaller and more manageable.

5. Nurture Your Mind

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Picking up a new skill or hobby is a common resolution we’ve all heard of or even had on our list of resolutions. But with everyone’s hectic schedule, it’s not always a realistic goal. Instead, try learning and widening your horizons by consuming inspirational, educational and mind-opening content through videos or audio. There are many great platforms available for free such as Ted Talks on Youtube, inspirational podcasts and audiobooks. Such bite-sized content is easily digestible, and much more convenient than attending a workshop or reading an entire book. 

We find the best times to watch a video or listen to a podcast is in the morning while you are getting ready or having breakfast, travelling to work or school, or unwinding just before bed.

6. Cut Consumerism Out of Your Life

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We’re not saying to stop shopping for essentials, but to make decisions that promote sustainability. We live in a world of excess, overproduction and overconsumption. The economy is fueled by demand from consumers, so if we reduce that demand, we also reduce the carbon emissions and resources used to produce those goods, and the amount of waste accumulated when we eventually dispose of those products. So before taking that credit card out, think about whether you really need or want that item, if it can be bought second-hand or if you have alternatives you can use. You’re not only doing your bit to save the earth, but it’s also wallet-friendly in the long run!

We hope we've given you some food for thought. Comment your New Year's resolutions below!