Do Dreams Have Meaning?

Have you ever woken up after a vivid dream and wondered if your brain was trying to tell you something? Here are a few interpretations of the most common dreams.

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Have you ever had a dream which ends right as you fall from a great height? Or a dream where you are on holiday with your family members who are in an entirely different country? There’s no definitive evidence that dreams mean anything but many people believe that the events, symbols, people and more we remember from our dreams reveal something about our unconscious desires and wishes. You might even have read a dream dictionary once or twice. Here are a few of the most common themes of dreams and their most popular interpretations. 

1. Falling from a great height

These are associated with the feeling of losing control or being overwhelmed. They may also relate to feeling unsupported and insecure. Falling from different places has different meanings. For example, dreams of falling from the sky may mean that you are physically exhausted. For another example, dreams of leaping from a building and falling (sometimes accompanied by a falling sensation) may mean that you are taking a risk that may not pay off. 

2. Taking a test at school

If you have a realistic dream where you are unprepared for a big exam, this may mean that you are anxious or stressed about a change in real life. Try to remember what happened after you were late to the exam or unprepared for it, and see if it corresponds to a lack of balance in your life. 

3. Teeth falling out

These are associated with loss and important life changes. Research exploring common dream themes tells us that 39% of the population has experienced dreams like these at least one time in their lives. There has not been empirical evidence about teeth-related dreams, though some have hypothesised that they are a symbolic manifestation of psychological distress or dental irritation during sleep. 

4. Being chased

There are several details of these dreams that are needed to interpret it. One, who is chasing you? If it is a person critical of you, then it may be a sign that you have to confront your fears and anxieties. Two, where are you being chased? Buildings and locations are a representation of your inner world. Look at the characteristics of the landscapes and their connotations. Dream weather may also show your emotional state. Third, you may try to remember the gap between you and the pursuer. If it is widening, this means that you are successfully distancing yourself from your problems.

5. Going on a vacation with your family and friends

This suggests you need a break or some rest- something that allows you to escape your responsibilities. If you see someone you know in that dream and you are going on holiday with them, then this may mean that you should spend more time with that person. 

Remembering Your Dreams

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You can’t interpret your dreams if you forget what they were about as soon as you wake up. There are ways to ensure that some details remain fresh in your mind after you wake up, such as giving yourself time to recall what you were just dreaming about (switch off your alarm without looking at the device), telling someone about the dream you had last night, and keeping a notepad beside your bed to describe your dream. Doing so may help you come closer to dealing with your fears and anxiety.

Take note of recurring dreams. The most common ones tend to be stressful, though some can be pleasant. One theory suggests that they are a way of processing your thoughts while you sleep.