Personal Data Protection Policy – Limitation and retention

– We will only collect data which is, according to our discretion, necessary to fulfil the purpose the data is collected.
– We will keep data for as long as we are required by law or as it is still relevant for the purpose it is collected.
– We will use the data exclusively for the purpose it is collected, and if it will be used for another purpose, we will obtain your prior written consent before doing so.
– We will not disclose, share, or transfer any data to any unrelated third party. Data will also not be made publicly available in any electronic form or hard copy.
– We will not send unsolicited marketing email, and other short messaging services to you.
– You will occasionally receive notifications from us on current promotions and campaigns.
– You will be able to opt-out of receiving these messages, or opt to receive only certain types of messages by submitting your request to our Data Protection Officer at