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Do you have gluten-free tortilla wraps?

Unfortunately not yet. We are working on finding a healthy source of gluten-free wraps.

Do you use MSG at SaladStop!?

SaladStop! is free from MSG, artificial colouring, preservatives and taste enhancers.

What type of oil do you use in the your selection of dressings?

We only use premium extra virgin olive oil or sesame oil  

Are your ingredients organic?

We source the best possible ingredients but our ingredients are not organic labeled. Our romaine is hydroponic, pesticides-free and is grown in the best environment for ideal nutritional value.

Do you wash all of your greens?

All our lettuce is triple-washed and dried in industrial spinners. Our partners uphold the highest hygiene standards, and all products are delivered in refrigerated trucks and stored in large cold rooms to ensure ultimate freshness, moisture, and texture. 

Are the falafels and veggie patties baked or fried?

The falafels are fried, and veggie meatball baked.


What if I have a food-related allergy?

Please inquire with our outlet manager prior to ordering. Each salad or grain bowl is tossed in fresh mixing bowls. Please also request that your Salad artist chop your salad on a fresh chopping board. We cannot guarantee that there has been no cross-contamination. 
You may also inquire with our company nutritionist
jessica@saladstop.com or WhatsApp +65 8897 1539 

Which soups are cream based?

Pumpkin butternut soup and clear chicken onion soup.

Do you use low fat mayo in the dressings?

We do not use low fat mayo, but most of our mayo-based dressings contain yogurt to lower the kcal and add probiotics.  

What is your lowest calorie dressing(s)?

Our lowest calorie dressings are Vietnamese dressing(< 40 kcal per serving). Our lower calorie dressings are Smoky ranch, Japanese miso, and Korean chili vinaigrette (< 80 kcal per serving)

Are the bread sticks and crackers gluten free or vegetarian? Do they contain egg?

The bread stick is NOT gluten free, it is vegetarian but NOT vegan – it contains egg.

Which cheese is suitable for vegetarian?

All cheeses at Saladstop! are suitable for vegetarians.

I am a vegan. Which salads would you recommend?

Buddha Bowl.

What is the difference between vegan and vegetarian?

Vegan is without any animal products (no cheese, egg, milk, cream, fish meat, poultry, etc), while vegetarian is without meat and fish (no live animal – meat, poultry, fish).


What is your packaging made from?

The majority of our takeaway packaging, including our takeaway salad bowls, are made of 80% recycled PET.