Our first
Net-Zero outlet

At SaladStop! we are committed to taking responsibility for the impact our actions have on the environment and strive to reduce that impact. With opening our first net-zero outlet at CapitaSpring, we have started (will start) our journey toward a net-zero future.

It started with a full carbon assessment, calculating our footprint throughout the entire value chain. We then challenged every part of the business – from sourcing ingredients to outlet construction, from packaging to delivery.

Purchase with Purpose

We aim to make planet-friendly food choices easy and effective. To understand the impact of what we sell and what you eat, we’ve carbon labelled our entire menu. This gives us insight on how we can better source for ingredients and helps you choosing ingredients and offerings that are more environmentally friendly.

When you order in the SaladStop! app, we give you the option to offset your meal. You can contribute by adding $0.20 to your order. This compensates for the greenhouse gas emissions required to produce a SaladStop! meal but also ensures offsetting an additional 20 times more CO2e.

Your contribution directly supports a mangrove reforestation project in Indonesia. Find out about our impact through the satellite image on the right.

Why plant mangrove trees?

Mangrove trees are one of the most efficient organic carbon storage options on the planet, holding three to five times more carbon than tropical upland forests. These trees lay deep underground roots where they store almost 75% of their carbon.


Why support Yagasu’s
mangrove restoration projects?

Yagasu has over two decades of experience running mangrove restoration projects in coastal ecosystems. From the North Island to the Interior Groves, they plant a variety of mangrove species, which were cultivated in the local nursery and imported from East Java. Planting trees not only captures lots of carbon, it also creates habitats where wildlife can thrive.

Yagasu also helps the local communities by encouraging sustainable fishing and crab farming. This means they can earn a living without relying on jobs such as cutting down trees. Yagasu also supports a women’s artisanal mangrove project, as well as a silvofishery program.

Why it matters

Why it

Climate change is a threat to us all. And mangroves are one of our strongest allies in minimizing its impact on the planet. Working directly with the Aceh, North Sumatra, and Riau provinces, planting mangroves makes a difference by:

  • • Shielding areas that are prone to extreme weather, such as cyclones and tsunamis.
  • • Protecting native wildlife which are threatened by deforestation
  • • Absorbing and storing more carbon than other trees
  • • Supporting livelihoods and the local economy while making local communities more resilient
  • • Balancing land and aquatic ecosystems, so plants, animals, and nutrients can move between land and sea

Learn more about our journey in our
sustainability report.


We want to share a more conscious way of eating and help people realise that our food, our communities and our environment are all connected.
We believe that eating is about more than just being good for our bodies. It is about being good to everything around us too.

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